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I ran my first 5K race today. It will not be my last.

The run was over in West Seattle and was the Alki Beach 5K Fun Run for Breast Cancer or something along those lines. The race started at 9AM, registration at 8AM. I had to get up at 6 this morning and had to bus all the way out there. The bus ride was ridiculously long.

I got there and almost immediately I knew things were off. I forgot to bring a ponytail holder (though I had my jersey headband), my right contact was falling out (I luckily had solution in my bag) and my bloodsugars were running high. I failed in getting enough water in the morning and I hadn't eaten anything.

I wasn't expecting much. My previous fastest 5K practice run was 33:10. My initial goal when starting to run was to run it under 35:00. I realized I would pass this when the first time I actually ran 5K I ran it in 34:24. When I ran it in 33:10, my new goal was 33:00. I also really wanted to get underneath 31:00, though this was me dreaming and I didn't think there was any way I'd be able to do it. Still, I had it in my mind.

The boyfriend ran a 31:something 5K back in July. This entire time I feel like he doesn't find me that physically able to do anything. He is extremely athletic, I am not but I have always been active and regular in hitting the gym. He does tell me that he finds me inspirational for running because it isn't easy for most people. I wanted to kick his 5K time in the ass.

The environment was so inspirational, a lot of people were super pumped to race. I warmed up, found my pace group (though I realized I was too fast for it about 3 minutes in). We started and I was excited. I ran the entire way though (except for about 20 seconds at the 2.75 mark. We had to cross a street and the guards stopped the runners to let the cars through). It was a good run. I knew my time was going to be good.

I saw the clock time of 32:35 and I was so thrilled. I had at least beat my previous fastest 5K time. I was towards the back of the pack so I was hoping my chip time would be great.

I looked it up and saw the chip time of 30:20 and absolutely could not believe it. I beat my previous time by almost three minutes and beat the boyfriend's time. I ran at about a 9:30 pace the entire way through when my goal was an 11:00 pace.

This is coming from a girl who ran a 9:30 mile once in her life (in the 5th grade) and never ran more than a mile at any point of her life before C25K. I did it!

I am amazed and so thrilled with myself. Just wanted to share. :)

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Sweet! Congrats! My mom and her sisters all started running planning to just do 1 5K but now they can't stop because they love them so much. I'm glad you had such a good time (and got such a good time).

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