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I'm a freshman/junior at the Unviersity of Washington and I'm a huge geek.

Fandom pretty much consumes all of my alone time. When I'm not studying, hanging out with people, working, going to the gym or going to class, I'm reading fanfic. Or watching/reading new series and getting into more fandoms. IT'S A NEVER ENDING CYCLE OF RIDICULOUSNESS. Seriously, once I think I'm over fandom, a new one pops up. THANKS MERLIN! I'm not much a writer (though I have written some stuff) but I like making fanmixes.

I lurk in a bunch of fandoms including: Teen Titans [RaexBB], Torchwood [Jack/Ianto, Andy/Rhys], Merlin [Arthur/Merlin], Havemercy [Royston/Hal], Grey's Anatomy [Cristina/Owen, Izzie/Alex], Private Practice [Violet/Cooper, Violet/Pete, Violet/Sheldon], Bones [Zach/Cam, Hodgins/Angela], Fringe [Peter/Oliva], Tales of Symphonia [Sheelos], Naruto [Genma/Raidou, Nejiten], Firefly [Simon/Kaylee], 30 Rock [Liz/Jack, Liz/Floyd] and a bunch more!

I'm a music snob but don't be afraid of that. I'll just squeel if you enjoy something that I didn't think anyone else has heard of or I might attempt to recommend bands.

My journal is friends only, so no one I talk about finds out.

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